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Reduce Customer Acquisition and Support Costs

Add sincerity and social presence to online meetings through rich and immersive avatar-based collaboration. See what others are seeing and where they are looking:

  • Our increasingly online-based population is convenience driven: compressed time schedules combined with competition from every direction is making it harder and harder to build the kind of relationship companies were previously able to build and foster. As a result, companies have to focus more heavily on their internet presence in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

  • The AvayaLive™ Engage experience allows you for the first time to meet with your online customer in the same way as if they crossed the physical threshold of your business' front door. Unleash your real-time voice and existing highly skilled staff to go and talk to your customers, either one-on-one or in a crowd. By doing so, you provide them relevant information to help them down 'off of the fence', increasing your online conversion rates and driving up your revenues. The same environment can be used to provide support, and a community of users with knowledge can help deepen your relationship with customers, as well as providing a place to work with your customers beyond simple product transactions.

  • AvayaLive Engage comes fully equipped with a set of online business analytics tools that enable you to set real business goals, such as increased conversion rates. Engage's analytics also allows you to measure variables such as foot traffic through your virtual store and highlight the most and least popular items, thereby allowing you to continuously improve your customers' experience by knowing what they are interested in.

Business Value

Bridging the gap between high conversion rates and high retail costs and the attractive lower costs of online retail with the ever-challenging low conversion rates of online retail, AvayaLive Engage helps connect businesses with their customers in a socially-aware context to support bringing customers down off of the fence.

Increase Revenue by…

  • Assisted e-commerce
  • Product launches and event marketing
  • Customer and peer support

AvayaLive Engage for Training

AvayaLive Engage for Meetings


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